Brought to you all by demand of Hell itself. (AKA the head admin here).


As the son of a infamous member of the Uchiha Clan, and a certain pink haired girl infatuated with said man (do the math yourself), Angel looks like a typical emo teenager. That includes a trenchcoat, combat boots, a tank top, and a good pair of pants, all of the black coloration. His long hair, as well as his eyes, are Raven Black, unless he uses his Sharingan.


Unlike most people, Angel holds no regards to death, rather he welcomes it. Angel's love of death and sin stems from a tramatic event when he was a child, having seen Hell, and tore his sister's soul from it's grasp. After that day, he swore to become more powerful to protect his sister. But he is not without love, having forced her to combine their Sharingan. When he becomes Kira, Angel cannot stop killing, unless his sister sings an old song that their mother would sing before bed.


Juuchi Yosamu (10,000 frozen nights):After the fusion of all his inner spirits, Angel's blade revealed itself as a Soul Slayer Sword, or Zanpakto. It's sealed state is the sword he holds.

Shikai: Released by the command, Mutilate, Yosamu's colors change, becoming black with a blazing red stripe on the cutting edge of the blade.

Powers/inner demonsEdit

Unholy Energy: Revealed to be Death's desendent, and a member of the Uchiha Clan, Angel's vast Chakra amout has become more and more corrupt. In te rms of how vast it is, Angel can suufocate low to mid class demons (C or lower) without any trouble. After he loses his memories, his Chakra has seemed to fade away.

After sacrificing his old powers, Angel becomes a true demon, no longer tainted by his humanity.


Chotoko Sword: Angel's strongest weapon. the powers inside the blade include the power to slay a God, permenently. Along with the two remaining weapons, it is one of the few things that can "kill" Angel It takes the form of a long katana, with no guard.

Kunai Necklace: Angel's most prized possesion, a single gloden knife blade hung around his neck by a string. The full history of it is hidden inside his mind, and only his sister knows what it's for.


Myst: His sister, nuff said.

Judge: God, at least as far as Angel knows. Acts as a freelance assassin for the guy, often having to kill many awkward demons, for no reason.

Panda: The source of all things booze for Angel. He happens to be the richest pub owner in the multiverse, simply because of Angel's endless thirst (and unrotting liver.)

Worst FriendEdit

Goldeneye: Gold slept with Angel's sister, thus begining a battle between the two, and neither could kill the other for obvious reasons.

Enemies <some of them areStolen from world of warcraft, not my idea>Edit

Sargares: The Big Evil Guy. Angel once served him in secret, as not to alert demons, or even God. But Angel learned from his past mistakes, and vowed not to become his slave again.

Arthas: The Dark Prince himself. Angel has worked with and against him, all in the name of ending all war and strife in existance

Kira: Dispite being the demon's host and relying on it's power, Angel has a undying hatred for the raven.

Synopsis/Pre-God's ArmyEdit

Angel awoke from a nightmare, or what he percived as one. It was almost like he was in Hell, and he had to rescue his sister, who was only eight at the time. However, the burnt clothes he had told another story.

"Myst! Please tell me you're ok." Angel cried as he ran to his sister's bed.

She was ok. It was all a dream, but the tears in his clothes, and the burns, what were they? Did he get tricked?

Myst opened her eyes and stared at her sibling. "Morning brother. And as you can see, I'm fine. Why?"

Angel shook his head, his raven hair falling over his eyes. "Just had a bad dream I guess."

Myst frowned. "Then why do you have all those burns and cuts all over? Did you burn the bed?"

"No. Not this time." However the latant demonic energy he absorbed, tore through his Cursed Seal, and forced it to awaken.

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