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Goldeneye is a clean dresser. His suit consits of a pair of black dress pants, a clean tee shirt, black dress shoes, and on occasion a smoker's jacket. He wears that outfit when he is at work and/or working. On other days he wears a red trench coat, black pants, steel toed boots, black gloves and a monocle with a plastic lens on his right eye. His white hair is always combed, often times over his eyes, which have unnatural heterocromia (two different colors). The right eye has a scar near it.


Goldeneye is very friedndly, kind hearted and, random. He refuses to let any one go hungry, thirsty, or poor. When he is around his friends, Goldeneye is utterly random. He would surf with a man-eating shark as his board, if he was dared to.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Ungodly Spiritual Pressure: Goldeneye has so much power that he has a seal on his own body to lower it, and to keep the flow of power in his body at even levels.

Weapon Grandmaster: Goldeneye is such a smart @$$ with weapons that he can use any weapon you hand him that doesn't have a seal on it.

Unholy speed: The speed in which Goldeneye can move at is the speed that he chooses to move at.

Hand to Hand Combat Grandmaster: Goldeneye's fighting style is so uneak that no one can match it.

Unnatural Intelligentsia: The intelligentsia that Goldeneye has is so high that he can think of way to beat someone just by getting a good look at them.