The dark night sky was dimly lit by the bright moon, below in a deep forest sat a long blonde haired girl. She had a few cuts and bruises, and her feet and wrists were bandaged up. She was watching a few burning leaves, urging the fire to move. She couldn’t see much, but the bright color of the elements. She could control all of them, which was uncommon. She was unaware of the noise behind her.

A man with long snow white hair, emerald green eyes, dark jean pants and combat boot was running her way. The man from a pack of wolfs, with cuts and bite marks on his arms and body. As he was running he almost didn’t see the girl up ahead, a quick thought whet throw is mind (If I pass her the wolfs will most likely attack her. I will not let a death like that be on my mind.) As the man goes to pass her, he picks her up and steps on the burning leaves. His right boot catches fire and he is still running for his life.

The fire goes out as the girl thinks it to. She screams slightly, hoping he won't hurt her. She hearts the wolfs and urges a wall of stone and tree to form behind them. She slumps into his hold, she trembles slightly, the wolfs fade into the background.

The man slows down and stops near a lake and sets the girl down. “Sorry about that, those things have been chasing me for over 250 miles.” “By the way the name’s Jack, Jack Najib Goldeneye but my friends call me Goldeneye. What is your name if you don’t mind me asking?” Goldeneye says that as he goes and sits next to the closest tree.

Her eyes widen as she blushes. 'Alicia. Nymphadora Lynn Marie lupin tonks. But you can call me Alice.' she sits down on a small soft leaf like bed. She curls into herself. 'Why were they chasing you?'

“Well Alice I have no clue why they were chasing me, but I do have something that can go ask them why they were chasing me.” As Goldeneye goes to get up a strong sharp pain hits his right shoulder. “Son of a b****” Goldeneye fall over in a lot of pain.

The girl sits up and looks up at him with wide eyes and whispers, fearful. "Are you okay?" her eyes and hair became a Smokey gray.

Goldeneye holding his right shoulder, slowly gets to his knees “Blood coming from the shoulder is not a good sine.” As he pulls his hand away he sees a hole “If there is something in this hole, I need to get it out to stop the bleeding.”

She watches with bright fear full eyes and kneels down, she pulls out water and pushes it through the woods, pulling out the poison or object and healing at the same time. She smiles. "Better?"

His eyes widen as he looks at her in disbelief. “Wow that is the first time I have seen anyone do anything like that before, and yes it does feel better.” As Goldeneye looks at what was pulled out of his shoulder, he face palms him self and begins to laugh.

She looks up at him and tilts her head in wonder. 'What?' she whispers, blushing slightly at his comment. She wasn't supposed to show anyone, but he was hurt. She couldn’t let him suffer.

“I should have known that it was a tooth that was causing me so much pain.” Goldeneye looks at Alice and sees that she is blushing slightly; he smiles at her and thinks to him self ‘I should wash this blood off before I thank her.’ “Alice I’m going to take a quick swim in the lake to wash this blood off, and do you like fish?”

She shakes her head no. She gets up and excuses herself. She runs through the woods and lands on a pig, her bare hand touches it and it dies painlessly. She smiles and heads back. She forms a fire and hog ties the pig above it. She smiles as the fire licks her hands.

Goldeneye was walking out of the water after washing the blood off his body. When he looks up to see Alice with a pig hanging above a fire. As he goes to walk up to her, he starts to hear wolfs howling off in the distances, and they were getting closer. Goldeneye looks down at his body “Oh crap!” His body started bleeding from all the cuts and bite marks that he sustained from the wolfs. He covered his torso with his hand and began using a healing spell. A bright light green aura fills the area making Goldeneye look like an angel. When he was done, he looked up at her with a look on has face that meant “Sorry I didn’t tell you.”

She looked up at him with wide confused eyes. Her long hair, blond and touching her waist. It had long purplish streaks near the front of her head, and purple under the bangs. Her eyes flash black, then fade to blue. She stares at him confusedly.

He takes a deep breath and starts walking toward her. After five steps a fire arrow shoots out of the fire that is cooking the pig, and hit Goldeneye dead center of his chest. Showing no fear and staying calm helps him think. Stopping just ten feet away from Alice, he lets the fire engulf his body. Once the fire has completely engulfed his body, he puts his hands in his pockets and the fire begins to dissipate. Goldeneye’s hair goes from white to black with red tips; he gains what could best be described as a royal coat, with red feathers branching out of his whole body.

She flinches and looks down at the embers. She forces the fire to go out. She coughs, nervous and ashamed. 'I...its ready...' she coughs to herself and picks at her legs.

Goldeneye walks up and sits down next to her “You shouldn’t be ashamed.” He said in a soft voice “When ever I scents danger one of two things happen, I burst in to flames and this outfit gets put on me, and/or I just start running.” As he is sitting there next to her he begins to remember a painful memory. He grabs his right arm, closes his eyes and tears start to roll down his face. Goldeneye thinks he is talking in his head, when he is really talking out loud “Why….why did they have to die that day……WHY!” He punches a sharp rock in front of him, his knuckles start to bleed. Resting his elbow on his knee and his fist on his forehead as the tears keep coming.

She flinches, scared. She keeps her head down, unsure of what to do. She looks down and her blood trickles down her face. She doesn't say anything she just sits there quietly.

Goldeneye looks at Alice and can tell she is scared, and he sees the blood trickling down her face. In a soft voice he says “You know keeping ones own emotion bottled up, could very well hurt the people around them.” He then makes a blanket out of fire and wraps it around her. As he gets up and walks over to the lake, the fire blanket starts to turn into on of Goldeneye’s friends. Just as he reaches the waters edge, his friend has already appeared and is holding Alice in her arms trying to calm her down. With a soft voice she says “There, there little one no need to be scared.” The woman then begins to wipe the blood off Alice’s face.

She whimpers and curls into herself, crying. She's scared. She doesn't like this at all. She's scared.

He turns around and walks back toward her and his friend. Sitting down next to both of them he tries to clam Alice down. “I know you’re scared and you don’t like what is going on, but when ever I see someone who is crying and/or hurt that causes me pain. Now I know I’m a nice guy but when something bad happens to someone who I just met, it makes me seem like the bad guy and it causes me more pain, emotionally and psychological pain to be exact.” Goldeneye’s friend gets Alice to listen to her heart as a was to clam her down.

She whimpers and blinks, instantly making herself feel no pain or sadness. She doesn't like the touching; it freaks her out and forces her to panic. She doesn't like it. She squirms as they get close.

The sight of Alice backing away causes Goldeneye more pain, making him think that he is some kind of monster. When he looks behind her, he sees glowing red eyes. Goldeneye’s eyes widen with fear and in a flash he picks up Alice and runs. At the same time his friend grabs the pig Alice cooked and runs the same direction as him. As they are running five large dog like creators began chasing them, with there last kills blood still on there faces. Goldeneye grabs his friend hand and she vanishes in a flash of fire. “I think we should fly to a safe area, and yet I have a feeling you don’t like to fly.” He says that as he decides to run over the water.

She apologizes and pulls free o his grasp. "I’m sorry... I’m just faster on my feet." she smiles and flings around to face the creatures. In a small instant, a wall of pure ice like glass is thrown up behind them, the dogs and their loud barking falters for a moment as they try to break the glass like substance. "Lets go!" she insists, turning back around and grabbing his hand, she pulls him along after her desperately, her body trembles from the force of the dogs angry growling. She had been beaten before and had the dog like creatures released on her. She had vile scars to remind her of what happened to her because of her father and his evil minions. (Its okay I understand. I was wondering if you wanted to see some of my work or stuff...)

He looks at her and in a laughing voice he says “That was cool.” He then whistles calling something that would not only help them, but it would give Alice sometime to think about how much power does Goldeneye really have. Goldeneye looks ahead and sees a big black dog with blue eyes, and a colure that reads Julie. He smiles knowing that his dog comes to him when he calls for it.

She bites her lip and lowers her gaze. "Thank you..." the monstrous dog reminded her of her punishments. She would be in a ton of trouble if her master found her. She begins to tear up. She looks away and apologizes wiping away her tears. "Your d-dog is beautiful."

Goldeneye smiles and gives Alice a hug. He then pick her up and sets her on Julie’s back “To let you know Julie is a very, very good guard dog and she will protect you from anything. So the one thing that I’m going to do is try to stop those things from getting you. Julie on the other hand is going to take you to my training grounds fifty miles from here. All she has to do is follow the river and you will be there in no time at all.” Just as he was done talking, one of the dog like creatures gets over the ice wall. Goldeneye turns and fires a black blast at it, and hitting it in the head killing it. “296 down 4 to go.”

She whispers something under her breath and a shock of lightning comes and smacks one of the dogs. She smiles at him and looks at him. Hoping she was helpful.

He charges up the same blast that he fired at the last one, but this time he charges up four of them at once. Turn the four blasts into little missiles; he fires them strait up then looks at both Alice and Julie and says “Now we run.” As the three of them are running along side the river Goldeneye looks at Alice and says “Nice shot with the lightning. You shut that one up and knocked it out as well.” He smiles at her then looks behind them but at the sky. Seeing the four black missiles coming down he says “We have 30 sections before they hit.” Being only 10 yards away from his training grounds, he sees four markers in the water. Goldeneye looks at Julie, they make eye contact, and nod there heads. Diving into the water, center of the marker, they dive down 50 yards before reaching a cavern. Julie and Alice come out of the water dry, but Goldeneye comes out of the water like he just came out of the shower.

She gasps, her mind is blank. What the hell just happened to her? Where did they go right now? She blinks surprised. “You’re really strong... and powerful...” she smiles. “Its cool.” she hasn’t seen anyone that is powerful like her in a long time.

Goldeneye cracks a smile, and then walks toward the right side of the cavern. As he is walking a loud exposition can be herd “Well those dam dog just got sent back to hell.” He says that with a somewhat surprised look on his face. Reaching a red rock he knocks on the wall with the beat ‘Shave and a hair cut six bits.’ The wall opens up to reveal an elevator. “Going up anyone!” the light from the elevator gives off enough light to make the cavern sparkle.

She smiles and shakes her head in disbelief. She stares as they get in the elevator. She picks at her jeans.

As Goldeneye and Alice get in the elevator, Goldeneye turns around and sees Julie is too big to fit in “Julie shrink down please, it’s the only way for you to fit in here.” She does as she is told and shrinks down to the size of a German shepherd. Then she walks into the elevator and sits next to Alice. Goldeneye smiles and mutters something under his breath “Silly dog.” He pushes a button that closes the wall and shuts the gate, and then they start moving up.

She absentmindedly pets the dog, smiling. The dog makes her feel really comfortable. She stares up at the man and smiles. She likes this. She grins and picks at her knees.

The elevator stops, the gate opens, and so does the door that hides the elevator. They walk out into a dark room, and the door shuts behind them hiding the elevator once again. “Well time to activate night vision so I can see where I am going down here.” His right eye begins to glow gold, and he walks over to the opposite corner, opening a door and flipping a light switch. He deactivates his night vision and looks over at Alice “Come on lets head up stairs get you cleaned up.”

She trembles closely and follows him silently, she is cold and scared. "What is this place?" she wonders with bright wide eyes. Her eyes are purple as she begins using her spirit ability, judging emotions, people who have gone through here, past movements, thoughts and so much more. She looks up at Goldeneye and smiles. "This is amazing" she stares at the floor watching everyone’s foot steps as they once walked through.

As they reach the top of the stairs he says “This would be my cabin.” Goldeneye opens a door letting Alice and Julie walk throw. The room they walk into is brightly lit with three ceiling fans, three corner lamps, two recliners, and a sleeper sofa. “If you look at the map on the wall you can see how big this place is, might I add this place is bigger on the inside and looks smaller on the outside.” The map on the wall shows Goldeneye’s cabin having 30 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 6 closets, a kitchen, a living room, and a dinning room.

She shivers. She had never seen anything as big as this. She closes her eyes and wonders what would happen to her if they found her here. She looks at the dog and smiles. She will be okay. They won’t let her die.

Goldeneye goes over to the closest closet to get a few blankets and pillows. When he gets back he hears a knock at the door. He cocks an eyebrow and tries to scents who/or what is on the other side. Face palms himself and says “I told her to be here at Sixx A.M. not” he looks at his watch “1:30 a.m.” He takes a deep breath and walks over to the door and opens it “You are 4 hour and 30 minuets early, and I was just about to go take a nap.” A girl with light purple hair, crimson red eyes, a black under shirt, a white long sleeved shirt, blue jeans and black Adidas shoes gives Goldeneye a tackling hug. As both of them come crashing to the floor the door shuts “Good to see you to sis. Now could you please let me go.” The girl lets him go, and they both get up “Alice I would like you to meet my sister Kali.” Kali smiles “Nice to meet you.”

Alice appearance changed dramatically as she relaxed, she now had short blonde hair with bright pink underneath, and bright blue underneath the bangs, her smile was cute and clean, and her eyes were a sparkling shimmering bubblegum pink with metallic gold. She blushed at the new girl, and stammered nervously, "h-hello..."

Kali walks over to Alice and gives her a hug, spins her around and sets her on the sleeper sofa and sits next to her. “Wow sis really.” Looking at his sister with an eyebrow cocked. She looks at him and says “Really, really” with sarcasm. “Ok don’t go Shrek on me.” Goldeneye looks around for his dog “Hey were did Julie go?” Julie was down the hall and us stairs in one of the rooms. “Finally sometime to myself.” The room that she is in fills with smoke. Julie then transforms from her dog form to her human form, with long black hair, and blue eyes. She walks over to the room’s closet and pulls out a pair of pajamas, she puts them on and get into the bed and falls asleep. Goldeneye is walking down the hall looking for his dog, he walks up stairs looks right, looks left and says “She wouldn’t be up here; I’ll find her in the morning.” He walks back down stairs and back to the girls. When Goldeneye walks back into the living room he sees Alice and Kali playing Uno “Sis you did tell her the rules of the game right?” she looks up at “They are right here next to us.” He cracks a smile “That’s good, well I’m going to bed so I’m going to pull out the bed in the sleeper sofa for you two, as for me I’ll sleep in one of the recliners.” He does as he said he was going to do, and as he sits in a recliner the ceiling fans lights turn off “good night you two.”

Alice smiles at the other girl as they play. She had never played Uno before, but she really liked this. It made things seem okay. A few minutes into it though, she started to fall asleep, so the other girl made her go to bed. She walked upstairs looking for the bathroom and instead found the girl. She yelped and stared at her, frightened.

Julie wakes up to see Alice looking at her, and with widened eyes she jumps out of bed and runs into the room’s closet to hide. Her heart is pounding as she never thought any one would see her like this. She begins to hear foot steps getting closer as her heart races faster.

Alice gently crouches by the closet, and whispers softly. "Its okay, Julie." she had recognized her eyes and smiles softly. "I won’t tell. I promise." she held out her hand and offered it to the other.

She looks up at Alice and begins to tear up, giving her a hug “Thank you.” Julie says that as she is shedding tears of joy.

She hugs her back and smiles. "Don’t mention it."

Down stairs Goldeneye cracks a smile “Its about time Alice figured it out.” He knew that Julie could go in that form, it is just that he pretended not to know. In the morning Goldeneye wakes up at 9:00 AM “Well time to get breakfast started.” As he gets up out of the recliner, he looks at his sister. Kali is still asleep and she is blushing, he knows what she is dreaming of and walks to the kitchen. The smell of food cooking full’s the cabin, telling everyone “wake up breakfast is ready.”

Alice slowly descended the stairs, her hair was messy and her eyes lacked of sleep. She rubs them gently, and runs a hand through her hair. She looks up at Goldeneye and whispers. "What’s for breakfast?" her voice cracked. She didn’t sleep very well last night.

Goldeneye looks at her, smiles and points at the table where her food is already done and still hot. On the plate was ham, eggs, bacon and hash browns. On the plate next to it had two pancakes, the plate next to that had Texas style toast with a fork and butter knight next to it all.

Her stomach growled really loudly and she blushed. She slowly walked over to the plate and began to eat. "Thank you." she whispered before biting into some toast.

He just got done with Kali’s food, carrying three plates to the table and setting them across from Alice. “Your welcome” walking over to a drawer he pulls out a paint ball gun, loads it and fires one shot above his sister. Kali sits up fires her paint ball gun hitting Goldeneye right in the center of the forehead. Covering his forehead he begins to laugh “Your foods done.” He puts the paint ball gun away and washes off the paint from his forehead. Julie walks in and sits down next to Alice not realizing she is still in her human form.

Alice smiles at Julie and continues eating. Not realizing that Julie is in her human form either. She munches on the food, letting the warmth wash down her throat and fill her up. The food is amazing.

Goldeneye walks over to the table carrying Sixx plates. He sets three them in front of Julie and the other three in front of where he is going to sit. He smiles and begins to eat waits for someone to notice something.

Alice looks at golden eye, then back at Julie and smirks. She wonders how long he had known. She smiles and continues eating.

Goldeneye uses telepathy to talk to Alice “I’ve known Julie was able to go in that form for ten hours.” He continues to eat his food waiting to see what responds she would give him.

Alice nods and smiles softly. The food is amazing and she feels happy. She smiles at Julie.

Julie smiles back then realizes that she is in her human form and begins to blush. Goldeneye starts to laugh “It’s about time you realized it.” Kali looks up at the girl in the silk pajamas sitting next to Alice “Goldeneye who is the girl sitting next to Alice?” Looking at his sister with a look of disbelief, he then looks back at Alice and Julie and cover his eyes “Wow sis you really don’t know who this is?” she shakes her head no in responds to the question. “The eyes should have given it away.” Kali looks into the eyes of the blushing girl, her own eyes widen “Julie is that you?” Julie’s face in now beat red, she nods yes and hides her face in Alice’s back. Goldeneye is sitting there smiling from ear to ear trying not to laugh out loud. He then gets up and goes and sits next to Julie, he rubs her back then she turns and buries her face into his cheat. “That just goes to show how embarrassed she is.”

Alice chuckles softy at them. She is so adorable. She doesn’t know what to do now, but she thinks these people are amazing.

After getting Julie to calm down, Goldeneye sees that everyone ate everything on there plates. He then gathers up the plates and silver wear and puts them all in the sink. After washing the dishes and putting them in the drying rack. He then goes into the living room to stretch.

She hears loud foot steps, and whimpers. She feels a cold icy hand on her soul and gasps. Something is here for her. She doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t want the door to open, because she knows that behind it will lay the one who hurt her. She watches with dread in her eyes as the door opens, and Goldeneye’s best guy friend walks in. Alice lowers her head.

Goldeneye looks at the man that just walked in, his eye fill with anger and in a flash he punches him in the face and out the door. “That man was no friend of mine.” He looks at Alice “I know where my friend John is at; he is in Miami, Florida with his girl friend Kelly.” Goldeneye then yells down the hall “Are you two ready yet, there is some jackass outside pretending to be John! Harry up so we can beet this guy black and blue!” Just then Kali and Julie walkout wearing futuristic armor. “We’re ready how about you?” “I’ve bin ready.”

The girl stares in shock at them. She can’t believe what she is seeing, these people are so brave and strong, and she is just a wimp. She is too scared of the man in the hall to even stand.

Goldeneye turns around and walks toward her, putting a hand on her shoulder he says “No need to be scared, after this I’ll help you get stronger.” Just as he said that his mom shows up, she has white hair, purple eyes, and wearing summer type clothing. Goldeneye makes eye contacted with her and explains what is going on throw the telepathic link they have. She nods her head and walks over to Alice “Nice to meet you Alice my name Eva I’m Goldeneye’s and Kali’s mother.” She extends a hand in friendship and to help her up.

She angrily wipes her eyes and takes her hand with out thinking about it. She can’t stand that these men have such a strong hold on her. She never wanted to harm anyone, just to be able to protect her self. She bit her lip. She was too scared for this, to fragile; she hoped no one got hurt because of her.

Eva picks up Alice and tells Goldeneye where she is taking her throw telepathy. He nods his head and they vanish then they reappear in the cavern below. Eva wastes no time using telepathy to tell the crystal above them why she teleported in. Talking in a soft voice she says “Alice the crystals above use a power that no one ells can even use.” At the same Goldeneye looks at Kali and Julie and says “Now let’s show these jackasses why we are known as the Chaos Squad!” running out of the cabin he yells “Destroy everything in your path and show no mercy, Kaze no Kaosu!” A large black sword comes out of nowhere impales him in the chest, an explosion soon follows. When the smoke clears he is standing there looking like a demon.

She nods interestedly. "What does it do?" her eyes are big with interest.

Eva smiles “Well you could ask them your self; they can talk but in order for you to talk with them you must first meditate to enter their world.” When she says that the crystals begin to glow. Up top Goldeneye, Kali and Julie are beating the living hell out of the men sent after Alice. Goldeneye starts to hear a song and can tell that it is ‘You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring’. He smiles as the beat of the music starts to take over, changing his fighting style from berserk to controlled.

She watches concerned at the jewel. She smiles at the diamond. She can’t see things like this.

Eva sits on the rocky floor, closes her eyes and begins to meditate “When they glow like that it means they will let you in their world. Just meditate and you will see what I mean.” She slowly leys on her back with a barrier forming around her.

She follows what the other is doing. Wondering if this really works. She is shocked to find that the jewel has lifted her from the ground and placed her in the air. Things around the room start floating and moving around. She wonders softly if this is normal and is stunned when she is dragged into a place she has never been before. She tries to move but cant. She wonders if this is normal.

Eva is calling out to Alice trying to get her to open her eyes “Alice open your eye dear.” Eva is already in the crystals world, which looks the same as the world they were just in, but much brighter in dark places. She is standing over Alice waiting for her to open her eyes.

Alice opens her eyes slowly, she is stunned to see what this world looks like this. Its scary, how much it looks like her real home. She wonders if there are evils here like where she comes from.

Helping Alice to her feet Eva tells her “I know that this world is scary to you, it was scary for me to when I first came here.” After that she tells her “Get ready to face your greatest fear, cause after you beat that the real training begins.”

Alice listens closely, her eyes go wide. Her biggest fear? A violent man who can tear her to pieces and forces her to do whet ever he wishes? That’s not what she wants to face right now. She doesn’t want to face that or relieve her parent’s deaths.

Eva looks at her and smiles “Don’t weary if you greatest fear is a person or some sort of creator, they are weakened enough to weir you can beat them. My advice get angry at it and beat the bloody hell out of it.” She looks at her hand and remembers when Goldeneye had to reface his greatest fear. “If you were to see Goldeneye’s greatest fear you would cry and would wish you had his in steed of the one you have now.”

She looks at her and wonders softly, "What was it, mama?" she wonders if it’s okay that she asked that, would she get mad that she asked.

“You should let Goldeneye tell you him self since his life has become a living hell because for it.” She was looking Alice in the eyes when she said that. Back in the real world Goldeneye, Kali and Julie just finished off the last of the men after Alice. All three were breathing heavily “If you two gather up all the bodies and pile them up, when I get back I’ll find as many dead trees as I can and stack them so we can burn them away.” Kali and Julie look at each other then back at Goldeneye, and at the same time they say “Deal.” He smiles “Alright I’m going to go to the cavern to see what Alice and mom are up to.” When he reaches the cavern he sees his mom lying on the ground with a barrier around her, and Alice cruelled up in a ball shaped barrier floating in the air. “Well it looks like I’m not the only one that floats in the air.” He sits three feet away from Alice and meditates to enter the crystals world. A cross like barrier forms around him, making him look like he is being crucified. He then proceeds to get lifted 25 yards into the air, when he enters the crystals world he drop 25 yards and lands right behind Alice. “Well all those guys that were after you are ether dead or running for there lives.”

She listened to his mom and nodded. She yelped and turned around to face him when he spoke. Her heart was pounding. "Oh! Goodness you scared me!" she growled at him, relaxed. She looks at him, her eyes are wide. "Please don’t do that again!" she whimpers. She smiles at him. "What did you have to face?" she wonders changing the subject, she doesn’t want to look or think of what would come for her because of her fears.

“Well first off sorry for scarring you and two answer my questions first and I will tell you what I had to face and how I got it.” With a flick of his wrist a clipboard with a piece of paper that had his question on it appeared in a flash of fire “Now my questions are (1. How old are you? And (2. Where did you come from before I ran into you in the forest?.” Goldeneye is ready to write down her answers with a pencil he pulled out of his pocket.

She stares at him and murmurs softly. "I am fifteen, and I came from my home or prison. Feel free to call it whichever one you think fits better." she whispers softly.

After he writes down her answers, he tells her “How I got my greatest fear happened over 1000 years ago, and yaw I know I look 21. Ok now pitcher this pitcher your whole family just got killed in front of you, and what killed them could be any creature you can think of. Your fight or flight responds kick in so hard and fast that you black out, when you wake up you are holding one of your family members in your arms.” Goldeneye starts walking toward the elevator “Everything I just told you happened to me, and for your question “What did you have to face?” I had to prevent everyone who I care about from getting killed.” Just as he said that his hair went back to a snow white, he loses his royal coat and an X shaped scar can be seen on his back.

She nods softly. She wishes that it hadn’t happened to him, but she cannot change the past. She was abused, burned, and beaten so many times that it shaped her. She couldn’t respond. She wasn’t ready to face her fear, because you have to face it alone, and she knows she would lose.

They enter the elevator and head up, the doors open and they head upstairs and out the front door. Goldeneye takes ten steps from the cabin and stops, looking to his right he sees a shadowy figure “Ok Alice I see a shadowy figure over there and that is most likely your greatest fear, but I can’t tell who or what it is so I’m going to turn around and face the river. I need you to stand in front of me but to the right, just enough so you can see it and tell me when it stops. After you tell me “it has stopped” I’ll turn around and see who or what your greatest fear is.” He is already facing the river waiting as the shadowy figure gets closer.

She looks to him and growls. "I will do this on my own. I have to." she informs him and watches the thing approach, forming into my uncle. He is a drunk, abusive but he is a judge. I watch him walk closer, slurring his words. He growls, and I actually tremble. I look up at him and growl. “You don’t scare me."

Goldeneye looks at the man “This guy is your greatest fear?” He covers his face with his right hand “You know it is going to take a lot more then yelling at it to defeat.” Looking around Goldeneye can tell someone isn’t there “Goldeneye what are you looking for?” Eva asks with a puzzled look on her face. “I’m looking for my inner demon; he should have been here by now.” He keeps looking, trying to find his inner demon before it jumps out and does something stupid.

Alice sighs, and looks to him. "Then what am I supposed to do?" she wonders as it steps closer to her.

He gives a chuckle sigh and then looks at her “It is up to you in how you defeat it, and only you can choose the correct course of action in defeating it.” He was looking her in the eyes when his inner demon runs out from behind the cabin. It runs up to Alice and gives her a hug from behind, spinning her away from her fear. Goldeneye face palms himself “I should have known he would do something that stupid, I should have known.” He looks at his inner demon and says “Chaos let her go before I have to shoot you.”

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